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Pigeons & Doves

Common Bronzewing

Native throughout Australia except for most of the Cape York Peninsula, Qld


Brown Pigeon

Native from Narooma, NSW to Cooktown Qld.

Peaceful Dove

Usually found in lightly wooded grassland, with water nearby, avoids dense forests. Most common in coastal tropics and humid areas. Also found in New Guinea and Indonesia.

Crested Pigeon

Common throughout most of mainland Australia except the extreme south-west and north and much of north-east Queensland.

White headed Pigeon

Native from Cooktown, Qld down to the Illawarra district NSW, lives mostly in the coastal strip.

Spotted Turtledove

A native of southern Asia, was first released in Australia at Melbourne in 1870 and was later released in Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. Now it is found in all the mainland capitals. There is a continuous population between Brisbane and Sydney.


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