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Native to most of Australia except for the extreme eastern coast, south-western Australia and parts of Tasmania. Galahs are among the most beautiful birds in the world but they are such a common sight here that their beauty is taken for granted or even unnoticed.


Gang-gang Cockatoo

The male and female Gang-gangs have different coloured heads, red for the male and grey for the female. They are found from the coast to high inland mountain ranges from southern Victoria to south-eastern NSW.


King Parrot

Native to heavily timbered mountain ranges and in forests from Atherton Tableland southward.


Rainbow Lorikeet

The sexes are very similar. When in groups they incessantly chatter and create quite the party atmosphere.
They are widespread in most timbered areas of the eastern Australian coast from Cape York Qld to Adelaide SA.


Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

The sexes are alike. This cockatoo is best known for its very loud raucous screech. They are widely distributed and common in most timbered country throughout northern, eastern and south-eastern Australia.


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo


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