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Eastern Spinebill

Found from Cooktown, Qld south to Tasmania and to Mt Lofty Ranges, SA. Frequents heaths and forests with dense scrub layer. Voice is a shrill rapid piping. One of the smallest and the most active honeyeaters.
This little fella was so busy chasing his friend he forgot to turn and ran into the window, knocked himself out but after a couple of hours rest snuggled up in a towel he made a nice recovery.


Yellow-faced Honeyeater

Found in eastern Australia from Atherton Tableland, Qld to Flinders Ranges, SA. These birds usually migrate north each year in Autumn for the colder months and return in Spring.


Brush Wattlebird

Found in coastal shrub and heathlands, ranges into forest country where Banksia are abundant.


Noisy Friar Bird

Found from Cape York, Qld down to Victoria in open areas and open woodlands and alongside watercourses. Very loud and raucous.


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